CERI’s Research Plans

CERI’s value to the discussion of energy systems in Canada is its economic and environmental analysis of different topics.  The research is neutral and objective and focuses on getting information into the hands of decision-makers and stakeholders so an informed debate can occur.  To deliver on our mandate, the first step is determining what is relevant and requires research.

Each year, CERI develops a 2-year rolling plan of 8 to 10 research topics for the April to March fiscal year.  Sometimes there is an overlap in the April to June period as CERI completes work from the previous year and embarks on the new research year agenda.  Topics for the 2018-2019 here.

Project ideas that do not get included in the current work plan are listed for future consideration.  These topics form the draft list of discussion points for the year.  The current list of potential projects can be found here.

We encourage the involvement of interested parties in the discussion of current or future research projects.  Throughout the year CERI staff reach out to energy stakeholders to solicit views on the next set of relevant research CERI should conduct.  This is presented to the Research Advisory Committee in the November-December period.  This cross-section of experts with experience in oil, gas and electricity supply and demand matters evaluates the relevance of the topics to current energy issues debates in Canada and then makes recommendations to CERI’s Board of Directors on the short list of projects to consider.  The Board considers those recommendations and approves a final set of topics by February of each year.

Please help CERI by getting involved in the discussion regarding which topics we should research.  To engage us in this discussion, or to comment on other aspects of CERI activities, please contact CERI at