CERI’s Research Plan

CERI adds value to the discussion around energy systems in Canada through its economic and environmental analysis of an extensive array of energy topics.

Topic Selection Process

1.  CERI Stakeholders

Each year, CERI researchers work with a wide variety of energy stakeholders to solicit input regarding the next set of potential topics CERI should research. Primary consideration for topics that are relevant to current and future energy discussions is given. The previous year’s topics which did not make the final cut are also reviewed for relevance. The draft list typically contains 20-30 topics.

2.  Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

The draft list of research topics is presented to the RAC in the November-December period. This cross-section of experts with experience in oil, gas and electricity supply and demand evaluates the relevance of the topics to current energy discussions in Canada and makes their recommendation for a short list of typically 10-12 topics.

3.  CERI Board of Directors (BOD)

Once the short list of projects is finalized, it is presented to the BOD for consideration and approval by February.

Topics for the 2020-2021 can be found here.

The current list of potential projects can be found here.

If you have any comments or questions regarding CERI’s research plan, please contact us at