Get Involved

Become a Fellow

CERI is interested in developing relationships with experienced energy professionals. As such, we offer a volunteer fellowship program which provides an outlet for research activities not typically available to energy professionals in their current roles.

As a fellow of the Institute, you will gain access to CERI data and our proprietary input output model to explore your research interests. Your work may also be published in future research reports, publications or as a discussion in CERI’s Geopolitics of Energy journal.

If you are an experienced professional interested in working with CERI on energy research, please contact us at and include the word “Fellowship” in the subject line.



If you are interested in placing a paid secondment at CERI, please let us know at Include the phrase Secondment in the subject line. This is not a paid position; CERI will not be responsible for remuneration, or re-location expenses (if those are incurred). Secondment candidates will benefit from one-on-one training with CERI staff on energy economics and modelling. Candidates must at the minimum possess an undergraduate degree in relevant discipline, some research experience is preferred but not required.


Write an Article

CERI welcomes contributions to its market reports. Article contributions should be from 500 to 1250 words and deal with a current issue surrounding oil, gas or electricity supply or demand. If you are interested in submitting an article, please contact us at Please include the words “Article Author” in the subject line. Articles will be selected based on the author’s knowledge of the subject matter, and relevance to CERI research.

CERI is mandated to produce fact-based economic and environmental analysis of energy issues. Articles submitted for publication should be similarly focused. Please note that, as an independent, objective Institute, CERI will not publish work which takes a position, suggests policy or makes recommendations. For more information, please contact us at