Our Mission at CERI

Founded in 1975, the Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI) is an independent, registered charitable organization specializing in the analysis of energy economics and related environmental issues in the energy production, transportation, and consumption sectors.

Our mission is to provide relevant, independent, and objective research to benefit business, government, academia and the public.

CERI publications include:

  • Market specific studies
  • Geopolitical analyses
  • Quarterly market updates (crude oil, electricity and natural gas)

In addition, CERI hosts breakfast overviews of our study findings and an annual Petrochemicals Conference.

The Institute is a unique research-focused organization whose output and staff are highly regarded and respected in Canada and abroad. CERI's economic studies are relevant to a broad cross-section of stakeholders involved and interested in the energy sector. The analysis contained therein is sought by government, business planners and decision-makers.

CERI is a leader in its field in Canada and one of the most prestigious energy economics research institutes in the world. The Institute is often represented at conferences and symposiums deliberating energy and related environmental issues. CERI’s analytical capabilities and the insight and knowledge which it brings to a wide range of issues attracts researchers from around the world due to the challenging nature of the issues explored at the Institute and its reputation.