Support Energy Research

The Canadian Energy Research Institute is a registered charitable organization qualified to issue official donation receipts required to claim donation tax credits.

Fund Contributions

Donations are applied directly to research costs. Funds help to improve the quality of energy information available to Canadians by allowing the Institute to develop its research team. In a country weighed down by opposing views on critical energy issues, CERI research enriches conversations by providing fact-based studies which serve as legitimate, trustworthy sources of information.

Organizations which fund CERI recognize the value an independent source of Canadian energy information provides. The Institute is dedicated to producing unbiased, transparent analyses that aid decision-makers in business, government, academia and the public.

Event & Project Sponsorship

Sponsoring a CERI event showcases your business, gets you in front of your target market, raises your brand awareness and connects you with new and existing clients, customers and businesses. Sponsorship for specific projects is also available. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact

In-Kind Support

All contributions to the Institute are encouraged. General financial contributions are needed to meet ongoing operational costs. However, contributions can be made for specific use, including research collaboration, staff secondments, data supply and other types of partnerships. To partner with CERI to provide in-kind support, please contact