Downstream Emissions: Mitigation Efforts in Canada

Study Released June 27, 2016

Commodity Report - Crude Oil

The Federal Government of Canada announced in January 2016 a move to “Restore Trust in Environmental Assessment” for future energy projects. The joint statement – made by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and the Minister of Natural Resources – was important not least for its symbolism: The government department responsible for monitoring use of the nation’s greenhouse gas emitting energy resources (Natural Resources) was working in concert with the department responsible for monitoring results of that use (Environment and Climate Change). Admitting that the ideas proposed represent “an interim approach”, the government stated “upstream greenhouse gas emissions associated with projects under review will be assessed”.1 Not noted in the joint statement were emissions that will occur further downstream once these projects are built. According to some observers, emissions control may be outside of federal jurisdiction. The CD Howe Institute states: “The federal government does not have specific authority for “the environment”… The Supreme Court has emphasized that federal environmental assessment should not be a “Trojan horse” for the federal government to inject itself into general industrial regulation, which is a provincial responsibility.".... Download full report.

April 2016