Methane Hydrates

Study Released June 27, 2012

Natural Gas Report - May 2012

The amount of gas in place in the form of methane hydrates, sometimes called gas hydrates, constitutes the single largest store of energy on the planet, with total gas volume measured in multiples of 1015 m3 (quadrillions of cubic metres). The energy associated with this gas volume exceeds the combined energy content of all other hydrocarbons on Earth. Methane hydrates are clathrates – methane molecules trapped in cages of ice, existing under conditions of low temperature and high pressure. These clathrates are compact: one volume of methane hydrates on dissociation theoretically yields 163 volumes of methane. It is estimated that about 99 percent of Canada’s methane in place is in the form of methane hydrates..... Download full report.

May 2012