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The LNG Industry and Market Developments


Published on: July 16, 2018

CERI Natural Gas Report - June 2018

Global natural gas consumption is positioned to grow by 45% over the next 25 years.  LNG accounts for 32 percent of globally traded gas and according to BP, by 2035 half of all globally traded gas will be LNG.

As the LNG market evolved, so did a business model, shares of long-term and short-term markets, pricing mechanisms, contractual terms, risk distribution, liquefaction and regasification on technologies, and carbon management policies.

This article touches upon some of these elements and presents a short account of some key changes.

June 2018

Canadian Natural Gas Industry - A Year in Review


Published on: April 05, 2018

CERI Natural Gas Report - March 2018

In the past, the North American natural gas market had two advantages – a continental market that was running low on gas supply, and price peaks during abnormal temperatures. These two facts helped producers enjoy relatively high prices (up to US$10/MMBtu for AECO-C in December 2000)1 for years before the disruptive effect of the shale gas boom in the US.... download full report.

March 2018

Nudging Energy Policy?


Published on: December 21, 2017

Natural Gas Report - December 2017

Canada is a key player among nations engaged to transition towards a low-carbon economy. The nation takes part of an ambitious international commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. The government of Canada, along with some provinces and territories, agreed to a four pillars general framework, the “PAN-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate” to achieve GHG reduction targets: pricing carbon pollution, complementary action to reduce emissions across the economy, adaptation measures and actions to accelerate innovation in clean technology and jobs creation in cleantech..... Download full report.

December 2017

Is There a Need for New Policies for Inactive and Orphan Wells?


Published on: October 11, 2017

Natural Gas Report - August 2017

The 2014 downturn in the energy sector hit the profitability of oil and gas companies, pushing some into survival mode. The insolvency rate increased, leading to an increased amount of assets, specifically wells, being inactive or orphaned. However, even in a high oil price environment, oil and gas companies may go bankrupt, which requires policies and procedures in place to deal with leftover assets. In February 2017, the question of orphan wells was raised as the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) “has suspended all licenses of Lexin Resources Ltd. wells, facilities, and pipelines, requiring the company to cease all production” [6] which resulted in adding over 1,000 oil and gas wells and other properties to the orphan wells pool in the province [16]. These recent events highlighted the issue in Western Canada, not only in Alberta, but also in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. This article presents the current situation with orphaned wells in Western Canada and describes existing regulations..... Download full report.

August 2017

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