Natural Gas Prices

Study Released October 28, 2016

Natural Gas Report - September 2016

The Commodity Report – Natural Gas article, Turm-oil in the Natural Gas Markets, released in February 2016, explored the low natural gas price environment at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. On December 23, 2015 the daily spot price at Henry Hub dropped to US$1.63 per MMBtu, its lowest point since December 11, 1998.1 And while prices fluctuated in the early part of 2016, increasing to a high of US$2.54 per MMBtu on January 11, 2016, the price of natural gas plummeted once again,2 reaching a 2016 low of US$1.49 per MMBtu on March 4, 2016..... Download full report.

September 2016