US Natural Gas Trade

Study Released April 23, 2012

Natural Gas Report - February-March 2012

Marketed natural gas production in the US has increased by 20 percent since 2007, to 24 TCF (66 BCFPD) in 2011. Conversely, natural gas demand has only increased by 5 percent to 22 TCF (61 BCFPD) during this period. The growing surplus of domestic supply has brought about a dramatic shift in US natural gas trade, and will ultimately allow the country to become a net exporter of the clean burning fuel over time.
US pipeline natural gas imports are sourced from Canada and, to a lesser extent, Mexico. Since 2007, decreasing imports and increasing exports have resulted in a combined 45 percent decline in net pipeline natural gas imports from both countries, to 1,702 BCF in 2011.... Download full report.

February-March 2012